Hi Everyone!

My name is Megan and my sign is cancer, I like long walks on the beach and sunsets....

K, all joking aside, I love photography. Always have. I managed to work for a bunch of photographers in the past and have always made a way to incorporate photography in everything that I do. I have been fortunate to explore, with seasoned photographers, other genres such as architectural photography. What I know though, is that I am at my happiest behind the camera. I'm thankful for all of the experiences that I get to capture.

In my younger years I mainly photographed weddings and events. While I'm not so keen on the idea of wedding photography anymore however, I do love events. The part of photography that I love is to watch people through the lens. Sounds a little voyeuristic but when I can capture the humanity or a level of humanity in a situation it brings me back to why I love photography.

I created this blog for a couple of reasons:

  1. More than a few marketing articles said to.
  2. Keep you updated with what I'm doing, projects, tips and tricks, these chestnuts.
  3. Hopefully, reach out to other people who may be as interested as I am in photography.

That's about it. Hope you enjoy!